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i am so fricken excited :)

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two words: 


optimism is good.

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i want to go to falls festival this year.

it runs over new years eve.

it’s a music/arts festival

i’m excited. first annoucment is in 2 days i believe

and tickets go on sale on september the 20th.

well, I’ve decided to also write a bit about myself. my friend hayley is currently reading what i’m writing. as…as you might of guessed. i am writing this in english class.

i’m in year 11, i probably can’t say what school i go to…so lets just say i go to a girls school. hooray for me. today’s monday. i really dont like mondays. reminds me of the song by umm boomtown rats? i dont know who. “i dont like mondays..i wanna shoo-oo-oo-oo-t the whole day down”" my weekend was pretty great. i caught up with 2 of my close friends (jack* and tony*) I hadn’t seen either since deb night. so it was great to see them. we caught a movie “the fracture” heard of it? It was quite slow moving at the start, but eventually it became better …it was really clever. It’s been so windy lately.. yes. I’ve gone to commenting about the wether now.

40 hour famine is on this week. 16th and 17th of august. I do want to do it…but i am one of those people who loves their food. when i say love…i mean LOVE :) so..i’d probably keel over after 12 hours…but I still want to try and make a difference…even just a small difference.


at school a while back a past student came and talked about how for a year she went over to i think africa with a foundation like greenpeace and helped all the aids victims and that. that would be so rewarding. I’d really want to so that. but an entire year

thats a long time

away from friends



i think that about sums up this blog, i’ve just about ran out of things to say..well, not really, but I am sick of typing. I’m impatient and get  distracted real easily. yeppo

au revoir for now                                                                              

**changed for confidential reasons hahaha im so hilarious. no..not really, my friend west is though. you should go to her page.

everything in my house is breaking

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it really is. first the dish washer, then the iron, then the television blew up….then the hair dryer…now the new iron. mums glasses broke. MINE broke, 2 of my bags broke, the chair broke.

anyway. great way to start a post isn’t it? at current…i’m pretty happy. last night went to bloc party concert, i dont really like bloc party (they are a music band) that much though . They are good live…but i just cant get into there music much. but i really enjoyed myself :) big day out annoucements will be soon. cant wait

theres ALREADY hype about whos going to be in on it. smashing pumpkins is one.

i’m meant to be cutting out eyes for studio. but ALL the magazines in my house….which is roughly 80 since i collected magazines…have there eyes cut out. it looks kind of scary flipping through them. but i need them for studio. which is due SO SOON. i love it though. love the stress- the challenge. I say this now..in 6 weeks when i have one week to go i’ll be cursing my head off. Hmm tomorrow morning im off to a mates house to watch our deb dvd. all deb partners and deb peeps are going to go and watch. should be quite hilarious, even though i’ve seen the dvd already

it’s always better watching it with others. tonight i’m meant to be out. but.. what a guess i couldn’t go. there was really no point in going though. i’d only be at the party for 2 and a half hours…then have to go home. why did it start so late? so i didn’t even bother asking as i know what the answer would have been. i’ve done a fair bit of studio today. actually scratch that. i havn’t i wanted to do much MUCH more. get it all out of the way you know.

i;m gonna be lost without it next year. i love art. thats why im thinking of doing media at another school…i know many who go there so should be rather fun. hopefully

I need to go pack up all my mess etc…then i remembered my english teacher said i should do another blog on the weekend. so here it is. ta dah. nothing special. I really need to get motivated again.

i’ll chuck in an image of some sort to make it look pretty.

.youngones_maybe.jpg okay. the young ones.

i love that show.


my first blog

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Hello world. i’m not sure what to write about in these blogs.

will this even work??